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Question 9 seeks to provide exceptional service to business professionals in any industry. Helping you take your business to the next level is what we do best.

Our Philosophy

Are you asking the right questions? New discoveries can be found in the answers to the right questions.

System and Models

Systems and models are key components to success. We work with you to develop strong structures to scale your business.

Move Past Barriers

We work side by side with you to identify barriers keeping you from growth and help you create sustainable processes for moving past each one.

Scalable Growth

No matter your current growth trajectory, we will help you optimize your business with the most effective growth plan.

Notepad on Desk

The Story

All discoveries come from just 9 questions... and maybe more.

Question 9 came from the desire to see business owners and leaders succeed in their field.



"My history in the world of business has lead me to understand that great leaders and entrepreneurs aren't afraid to ask questions. We should always be asking questions."

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